Why get certified as a project manager

Why get certified as a project manager

Project management certification is a logical step in the career development of any project manager. Professionals who want to get a certificate often do so not only because of a better salary. At the heart of this step is the pride and satisfaction of having a prestigious project management certificate.

We present you our guest in our blog. Sandra Liber is already a certified project manager. We asked her a few questions. Here are her answers.

Why did you get certified in project management?

I wanted to get a project management certificate for several reasons. One is the strong need for a certified project manager in the company where I work. I think that some improvement in this regard will be very beneficial for all parties involved – for the company (better financial terms), for employees (better working environment and greater efficiency), as well as for customers (more great satisfaction with our product). Reference: How to become a certified project manager, 2021, Another reason is the desire for some development and improvement of personal qualities, which in the long run can have a very good return (not only financial). I do not rule out the prospect of ever starting an individual business project, which I also think will be useful to me.

Which project management certification did you choose and why?

After much deliberation, I settled on the BVOP Certified Project Manager. The reasons are not only that it is a modern and Agile project management methodology. Price was also not a key factor in my choice. I was surprised to learn that the BVOP Certified Project Manager (BVOPM) is studying product management also. Reference:,

Our company is product oriented. We create our products. We have a rich portfolio. That is why the combination of project and product management in a certification program was the most logical choice not only for me but also for my employer. Reference: The new Certified Project Manager in the company, by Liam James,

Which of your qualities as certified project management will you share?

First of all, extensive experience in the field of work (technical knowledge). I also think that I have authority among my colleagues and I enjoy their trust and goodwill, which should help in this case. I think I can talk to people and I can interestingly present my ideas. And last but not least – I can be very persistent and purposeful, and I have a desire to develop and learn new things – not only related to professional development. Reference: The new certified project manager of the project, 2020,

Which of your qualities would hinder you as a project management professional?

For each quality that you think will hinder you in some way, make a short action plan on how to change it in your favor or eliminate it.
Set an indicative deadline for any planned change in your qualities or skills. Mark each indicative deadline for each action plan.

At the moment, I am somewhat placed in a position where I am simultaneously the executor of several projects, as well as to manage in one way or another the other projects of the company (or at least to supervise the work on them). Reference: Certified project manager shares about his career, by Anton Radev,

This puts me in an impossible position and I often prefer to do the technical work on my projects than to spend time with others. I would describe it a bit like the ostrich effect – I bury my head in the sand for other projects. There are two reasons for this: that I enjoy the technical work (at least for now), and that I often do things much faster and more efficiently than others – just by imagining how much effort it will take me to explain the task, to I guide her, and in the end, the result is not what I expect – I will have to ground myself again.

The solution is quite obvious to transfer the technical part of the work on my projects to colleagues. Which has started to happen to some extent, but due to the limited human resources in the company, or due to my inability to delegate tasks to others, it is not so effective at the moment. The current course in an attempt to change in this direction – greater efficiency and ability in delegating tasks. Reference: The need for a certified project manager – 2020 –

Here may be the moment to note that the owner of the company has the same problem to some extent – he prefers to deal with the technical part than to manage the company, to manage the projects closely. But this does not prevent him from having views on them, as well as to have claims when the projects do not develop in the way he expects (without, however, clearly defined expectations). Reference: Certified project manager for their training – 2020 –

And this will probably be my biggest problem in the specific situation – I will certainly have to comment and define the projects very closely, and the person without whom this cannot happen will try in one way or another to avoid it. . And honestly, I don’t know how to deal with this problem here.

Also, maybe I’m too soft sometimes with people, I’m a little worried about their opinion next to me. This anxiety and this softness in dealing with people have largely undergone some evolution, in the sense that they are no longer a particular problem (in my opinion), but especially some time ago it has certainly been on the agenda.
Let me add that my knowledge of project management has been accumulated so far mostly intuitively (from my previous experience and observations from practice), which I think is not enough. I also hope for the current course of improvement in this direction.

Is it a job or a vocation for you to be a certified project manager?

Today, good pay is not a sufficient motivator. People want their work to be meaningful and relevant to others. Although this fact complicates the work of managers, it also opens up new opportunities for them. The opportunity to personalize the work of their employees to such an extent that it becomes something more – from work to vocation.

According to LinkedIn’s Workforce Learning Report 2019, 94% of employees say they would stay longer in a company if it invested more in them and supported them in their endeavors. Why don’t more companies do just that? The problem likely comes from the fact that they do not know where to start.

The idea of ​​creating strictly personalized working conditions for every employee seems challenging, but it is far from unattainable. Here are some things you can do to transform your job into a vocation.

The certified project manager supports the colleagues and thanks to them

Institutionalize support and gratitude. Studies show that even the smallest manifestations of kindness in gratitude have a positive effect on others as well as on ourselves. These demonstrations also help maintain a positive mindset. “It’s important to commit to encouraging gratitude and care because the secret of success lies in repetition,” said Dr. Wagiu William Isaac, a professor of psychiatry at Cedars-Sinai. Reference: Review of the BVOP Certified Project Manager program, by Samantha Rhine, 2020,

Find and use each employee’s unique strengths

Recognizing and developing strengths is a guaranteed way to increase employee job satisfaction. Human resources experts and managers need to create roles in the work that help people develop their unique qualities and grow both as professionals and as individuals.

Make building relationships between employees a priority

The feeling of connection with others is not only a basic human need but also a motivator that can make a seemingly hopeless situation into a completely insurmountable obstacle. People can build a sense of connection with both their colleagues and the company they work for. For a person’s work to become a vocation, both are needed.

However, strengthening these links requires discussing a variety of topics, including non-work-related ones. That is why it is important to provide your employees with a place and time to rest and socialize. When managers encourage their employees to talk about their dreams and the goals they want to achieve in their lives, they receive the information they need to build a stronger connection between the company’s values ​​and mission and people’s aspirations.

The certification project manager knows all aspects of success

Mark both big and small successes

Achieving goals, advancing in an important project, and acquiring new skills and knowledge are things that have a positive impact not only on the individual, they can boast of them, but also for everyone else. Leaders need to find a way to show their employees how their work helps others. Celebrate all the successes of your employees and do not miss the opportunity to evaluate the contribution they have to the growth of your company.

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Invest in a manager-employee relationship

Project managers have a huge impact on the way employees do their jobs. Unfortunately, many managers do not make the necessary efforts to provide their subordinates with what they need. Managers need to set clear goals for their teams, provide timely and constructive feedback, and cultivate good relationships with their employees. Many of these things require social skills that can take years to master and improve. That’s why it’s important to focus on them as early as possible.

Everyone has the potential to be a better version of themselves. Companies need to start looking at this potential as an unprecedented opportunity to attract, motivate, and retain talent. Using the practices mentioned here, they can help their employees turn their responsibilities from work into a vocation.

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