Why do you want to become a Certified Project Manager?

Amanda is a student management student and Certified Project Manager title. She presents herself and shares her qualities and ambitions.

I have been organizing in various professional fields for years. I like to start an endeavor, follow his development, and enjoy the subsequent realization. I like to do a dynamic look that includes many people, frequent communication with them, and solving problems.

I like the draft work a lot because it allows for the work done and has a specific result. In addition, thanks to the various projects, the context of the work changes, which brings variety.
My studies on the Project Manager position show that the activity is just that and I think I would feel good if I work on it. Read more: “The role of the Certified Product Owner“, Since my education is different for my education, I decided to enroll in this qualification course. I think he is a good first step towards achieving the goal of starting to practice this profession. Reference: “To be a good certified project manager“,

What qualities or skills do you think will benefit you in this job?

Accuracy (time distribution) – I work very well with and on time. I manage to distribute my time balanced between different tasks, I observe terms or adapt on time, looking to cover the condition for maximum efficiency for a minimum amount of time spent. I keep a lot of accuracy at meetings. Reference: “The Certified Project Manager speaks to the team and clients“, I also understand the need of the human being for rest and appreciate the personal time of myself and others. I always try to have strictly differentiated work and personal time and not mix.
Perseverance – I believe that when it is difficult for me, it means I am learning something new. Problems and challenges ambition me to continue to look for solutions and alternatives to achieve the desired goal.
Empathy – I have accepted the notion that in working with people, I work with living things who have feelings, and experience emotions that affect their work. I can listen, I understand, and when needed to help the people I work with and communicate with, to feel good, because I know that only they, and reciprocated the whole team, can do their job most adequately and effectively.
Team Work – I accept the group I work with as a whole without downplaying the work of one part or person, at the expense of/another. Teamwork is a chain in which each link is correlated with the rest and equally significant for the success of the whole group. For me, sharing ideas in the group is essential because I believe that when we work together, we can find the best approaches to success.
Planning skill – I use the back planning model at work and in my daily activities. It is oriented from the goal at the moment. It helps me identify all the necessary phases I have to go through to achieve a certain success. Adequate planning allows for the adaptation of intermediate goals if obstacles and difficulties occur.
Purposefulness – I can prioritize my goals and remain focused on achieving a particular one that I have defined as a priority.
Flexibility – I approach the understanding that the world is moving constantly and plans are never a closed system that does not change. With the new information comes the order of adaptation of the plan so that it continues to serve the ultimate goal, but with new intermediate steps.
Communication skills – I believe that the key to good human relationships is the right communication. The accessible, clear, and specific language, as well as the respect of the other party, is the basis for such dialogue. The right to one’s own opinion is a fundamental human right. The fact that my opinion is different from others does not make it more relevant or true. I am looking for consensus in the event of disputes and I try to resolve them promptly, because otherwise, tension is created, which interferes with the execution of the common work.
Professionalism – I take my vote of confidence in the performance of a specific task. I appreciate my ability to cope with my commitments and I make an effort to live up to my expectations.

What are your features, traits, or habits that will prevent you from doing your job in some way?

The experience has helped me to clear the small, bad habits that have hindered my work over time. At this stage, there are two things that I think would be difficult in my future work:
I suppose there is the potential to work in a foreign language environment, which would require my communication to be conducted in English. My writing, listening, and understanding skills are at a good, even high level, but I haven’t used English for years.
I have two young children. Like any parent, I pay their time and attention. I realize that my future profession is engaging, and children are ill and this will require changes to my work schedule.

For everything you think will prevent you in some way, compile a short action plan for how to change it in your favor or remove it.

If I have to do my working communication in English, I will prepare and rehearse my topics in advance. During the meetings, I will listen more at first and talk less, but over time the deficits should reduce to complete cleansing. I could undergo an English language course aimed at improving my speech.

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Certified Project Manager presents themselves to customers.

We asked Amanda, the Certified Project candidate manager to write an exemplary presentation to the clients as a project manager.

I would like to inform you that I am a project manager and will be the person you will directly communicate with, and exchange information about the project implementation processes we will work on. I have completed the course of Project Management Academy for Project Management.

The thing I keep a lot of project managers is a continuous connection and communication with you and other persons from your company, who are directly related to the project so that we can discuss universal efforts to implement the project you have been assigned to you. I am always open and available for things affecting the project.

The practice and projects I have worked on have taught me many things. What is important for successful cooperation between the company where I work and your clients is the common goal, namely the success and the completion of the project. We always strive to meet the needs of our customers. I dare say that we are a very well-developed and lubricated machine, all this is because the smallest problems arise with one of the colleagues in the team discussing what the reason is. I keep a lot of good relationships with everyone on our team. Read more: “Newly certified project manager in a small company“,

The thing I can offer is at every stage of the project to meet with the teams of your company responsible for the relevant stage and to discuss whether everything is as you wish and what you imagined it.

I also want to point out that the sequence is something that I also hold a lot of. I will keep you posted as you, and your team. I will expect understanding and feedback from your start of the new position)
Including relatives, if you need to assist the children at home or hire a part-time babysitter, which is only engaged when the children stay, during working hours, at home.
(Deadline for negotiating additional, paid assistance: 1 month before the start of the new position)

I expect you to fully assist when needed so that things can happen and go in the right direction. Upon requesting a particular project, we want you to provide us with a short time, so that there will be no delay in compliance with the deadlines, as well as the work between the individual teams working on your project, are in sync. A little bit in the specifics, given my practice, the thing most often we need is what is the most priority, to connect and provide us, the contact persons on your part, who will directly participate in the project, may need to be our Access to systems and technologies, which of course will be regulated. It will be plus to inform us if, of course, third parties are involved in the project – who they are, what their functions are, and how they are important for the project.

The way I communication with you for the essential things I want to be through emails so that there is a trace and traceability. Of course, we are always available and you can call me with questions related to the project so that we can discuss, and subsequently, after making any decisions during our conversation, everything will be confirmed and written and written by email. Of course, we remain available and you can also write to us on Viber, Slack, or if you have a comfortable communication platform. I suggest each week holding an appointment, maybe online to inform you and discuss how things are going.

The people with whom we will communicate with us are me, project managers, our management, direct leaders of IT teams, and our marketing department. It will also be important to unite the teams of our different departments with yours.

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