Rest after intensive work has been proven

Proven: An average of 50,000 different thoughts go through each of us each day, and sometimes many more. If you want to be a good leader, then you need to learn how to think about many different options and make decisions extremely quickly.

Equally important, however, is the ability to calm your thoughts, preventing stress and mental overload. The ability to muffle your inner voice is an extremely valuable quality that most people overlook. Here’s how the best leaders give their mind a break:

Take the time to think of nothing

Depending on your preferences, take a few minutes a day for meditation, prayer, or just for deep breathing. Work on relaxation techniques that will help clear your mind of unnecessary burden and noise. Good leaders are aware of the fact that their mind is their most important asset and that it requires concentrated care.

Calm your mind with concentration

For many people, the best cure for the constant noise and chaos in their minds is concentration. It’s almost impossible to pay the same attention to two or three things, so the best way to release your mind from the tension is by focusing it on a single object.

Don’t let your fears control you

If you do not want your mind to wander between different thoughts, and in particular from some danger to another, then think about the worst possible situation you may find yourself in and work to clear those fears instead of you let them control you. Taking a few minutes to clearly define and reflect these fears can give you more peace of mind.

Focus on the present

By giving your mind more time to the present, instead of repeating scenes from the past and projecting possible situations into the future, you can focus on building deeper relationships with others and improving the quality of your life now. Concentrating on the present will help you reduce stress and regain control of your destiny.

Remember, you control your thoughts

It is important to remember that it is you who controls your thoughts, not them. To stop them wildly skipping, yell STOP! and inhale deeply several times. Calm your mind and don’t let your thoughts stop you from achieving your goals.

Top leaders know that it’s normal, and sometimes even useful, to have your head filled with all sorts of thoughts that clash with one another and create sparks that have the potential to turn into interesting and useful ideas. The key is to know how to calm them down when you need some rest and concentration.

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